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Alpha African-Caribbean Food Store

Alpha African-Caribbean Food Store started primarily out of a long term desire to promote the African diet. The opportunity to fulfil this aspiration was created when we relocated to Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada in December 2013. The need to provide a service to the African-Caribbean community on Vancouver Island is by way of creating easy access to African Food. However, our desire is not only to serve the African-Caribbean population but to promote the rich heritage of African-Caribbean food among all nations.

The African-Caribbean diet, just like most other ethnic food, is unique and difficult to bridge with alternatives from other groups. The blend of high roughage carbohydrate-based food and side dishes rich in unprocessed natural ingredients as nature would want us to have is a heritage that has to be preserved. Just as other ethnic foods like Asian and Mediterranean have established themselves as favoured menus in the Western Countries, it is our hope that African-Caribbean food will also take its rightful place.