Get your event up and running

Festivals and events are good for Nanaimo. They bring new money and new interest into the area and contribute to the growth of the entire region. We want to help. We have a grant that you can apply for to support your event. You can download all the documents you need to apply for funding below.

Tips on making your application sing

To make sure your grant application can be properly evaluated, here are a few “How to Tips” to get you started.

  • Read all grants categories carefully to make sure you’re applying under the best program for your event.
  • Read ALL eligibility requirements carefully before submitting your request
  • Remember that a large part of our focus is to increase the number of nights visitors stay in Nanaimo, so make sure your event gives people a reason to stay over for at least one night
  • Give us a brief summary of your proposal up front – your “elevator pitch”
  • Tell us how your event will bring people from out of the area to Nanaimo.
  • Tell us where and how you plan on marketing your event
  • Tell us how your event enhances the Nanaimo brand and visitors experience in the area.
On April 1st, 2015 the 24 accommodators who make up the membership of the Nanaimo Hospitality Association began collecting the Municipal and Regional District Tax (MRDT or Accommodation Tax) The purpose of the Accommodation Tax and the associated Nanaimo Hospitality Grants Program is to support the growth of overnight visitation to Nanaimo through the development of festivals and events, including sporting events.

The primary objectives of the Nanaimo Hospitality Grants Program are to:

  • Increase the number of new festivals and events, including sporting events that drive new overnight visitations to Nanaimo.
  • Augment the capacity, length and/or quality of existing festivals and events including sporting events that drive incremental overnight visitations to Nanaimo.
  • Support feasibility studies that look at developing new festivals and events or improving and expanding current festivals and events, with the goal of driving future overnight visitation to Nanaimo.

The Nanaimo Hospitality Grants Program provides support as follows:

  1. Nanaimo Hospitality Festival and Event Grant: 45% of tax revenues are allocated to the development of festivals and events (including sport events).
  2. Nanaimo Hospitality Sport Initiative Grant: 35% of tax revenues are allocated to supporting sport tourism initiatives.
  3. Nanaimo Hospitality Marketing Supplement Grant: 20% of the Accommodation Tax is allocated to support marketing initiatives for the aforementioned two priorities.

Grant Intakes and Evaluation

Applications will be accepted on a continual basis and be evaluated by the Nanaimo Hospitality Association grant review committee every couple of months. Applications will be evaluated based on the event’s ability to generate overnight visitation, economic impact, the organization’s experience to organize and host the event, the organization’s financial need, and the potential to have the event return to Nanaimo.

Step 1: Read and review the 2017 Nanaimo Hospitality Grants – Program Info

Step 2: Determine which Nanaimo Hospitality Grant you are eligible and applying for (Festivals and Events or Sport Initiatives)

Step 3: Review the appropriate Question Preview Document – please ensure you have all the required information before moving to Step 4. For Festivals & Events, click HERE or for Sport Tourism Initiatives (minor capital upgrades/feasibility studies) click HERE

Step 4: Fill out the online Nanaimo Hospitality Grant application form. (please note that we no longer accept hard copy applications)